MEDICAL CORNER …… Pain Management … Update!

MEDICAL CORNER … Facet Joint Arthritis, Part 2 …. Some improvement!

It Is What It Is


~~January 13, 2014~~

Today I had my second visit to the pain management provider.

I do need to say that since my first visit on December 20, 2013 there has been considerable improvement. Not to say that the pain is gone but the intensity has improved to tolerable levels. The pain is still there …..

I thought that when I went today, after my report, the doctor would say “let’s observe for a while and let’s have another visit in a few weeks to see how you are”. That wasn’t the case.

My doctor is a great guy …. he’s well informed, extremely organized and has an excellent bedside manner. He has the steps already charted and knows what the management plan is. “If this doesn’t work, then we will do this” …..

Today he was glad because there was improvement when compared to our fist encounter.


This is a…

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