MEDICAL CORNER …. Damn you facet joint arthritis!!!

MEDICAL CORNER … Facet Joint Arthritis, Part 3 …. Damn you!!

It Is What It Is


December 3, 2041

Facet Joint Syndrome is a problem with movement of the facet joints of the spine. If one of the joints becomes stiff or too mobile then inflammation and pain is often the result. The facet joints are delicate structures that form the links between the vertebrae of the spine rather like the links of a bicycle chain.

What causes Facet Joint Syndrome?

Usually the cause of facet joint pain is trauma. This can be a single major trauma, like a car accident or a fall, or a repetitive minor trauma caused by, for instance, poor posture, bad lifting or even long periods sitting down.

The core stability muscles of the back and abdomen may also have become weak, perhaps by lack of exercise. These deep muscles protect the spine during normal movement and act like shock absorbers. If they are not doing their job then this may…

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