MEDICAL CORNER … My reality check …. an update!

MEDICAL CORNER … Facet Joint Arthritis, Part 1 ….

It Is What It Is


Today, December 20, 2013, I had my first appointment with the pain management doctor. 

I’m happy to report that it was a good experience. I was apprehensive because I was meeting with a new health provider. I knew that this was my last option because I have already tried different types of therapy, including alternative, to obtain relief from the back pain that started in May 2013.


I had an MRI done which was reviewed with my primary care provider.


1. Small, left sided posterolateral disc protrusion at L5-S1 causing some narrowing of both neural foramina

2. Bulging disc at L4-5, L3-4, L1-2 and T12-L1

3. Dextroscoliosis with global disc dessication (drying up, loss of hydration), degenerative end plate changes

Needless to say, this looked ominous! And, I was expecting the worse. 


The doctor turned out to be very professional and, most of all very well prepared and caring. He…

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