MEDICAL CORNER …. Sleep at the end of the day!

MEDICAL CORNER … At the end of the day, SLEEP!!

It Is What It Is


Why do we sleep?  The answer  is short, simple and obvious …

Sleep is a necessary process to sustain life and sleep disorders at any level, rob a person of this sustenance.  Hundreds of thousands of people are dying each year in part because of undiagnosed and untreated sleep disorders.  For the estimated 40 million Americans who suffer from a chronic sleep disorder and the 20 to 30 million others who experience occasional sleep disturbances, going to bed doesn’t always mean going to sleep.

According to The National Sleep Foundation, on any giving night, 1 in 4 Americans rate the quality of their night’s sleep as either “fair” or “poor”.  We have tendency to overlook our need for sleep which puts us at higher risk for accidents (more than 100,000 auto accidents, many fatal, are directly attributed to sleepy drivers each year) and more vulnerable to a whole…

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