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MDMA (“Ecstasy,” “Molly”) Facts ……

Molly, a drug popular in the club scene, has made its way into pop culture and emerged as a drug of choice for college students, young adults and suburbanites across the country.

In Central Florida, federal authorities are concerned because they are seeing large amounts of Molly being imported from China and other countries but it’s not leaving the region for distribution elsewhere.

MOLLY is slang for “molecular”. It refers to the pure form of MDMA, which in pill form is known as “Ecstasy”.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse has identified Molly as one of the country’s emerging drug trends but because the rising popularity is so new, much of what the public hears about Molly is anecdotal.

And the glamorization by popular musicians who sing about Molly doesn’t help with the law-enforcement battle.


  • Where does it originate? Molly can be purchased…

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