At the end of the day …. still wondering about Malaysian Airlines MH17!!

MEDICAL CORNER …. This airplane crash has been deadly. 298 human beings have been lost. To make matters worse …. 100+ AIDS researchers, scientists and activists were aboard that plane.
May they rest in peace!!

It Is What It Is

~~July 18, 2014~~ 

Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash

Was the cure for AIDS lost along with Joep Lange and 100 top researchers?

Will never know.

There are fears the cure for Aids could have been lost with 100 of the “best and brightest” scientists and researchers on board Malaysia Airlines flight MH17.

Joep Lange, a world-renowned researcher and former president of the International Aids Society, was with the group heading to the Global Aids 2014 Conference in Melbourne, Australia.

The exact number of scientists he was travelling with has not been confirmed but delegates in Sydney were told that emails indicted around 100 attendees were on the ill-fated plane.


Nine British passengers, including a student, former BBC journalist and two Newcastle United fans, were among the 298 people killed when the Boeing 777-200 was reportedly shot down as it passed over the war-torn country on Thursday.

Trevor Stratton

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